Monday, December 13, 2010

fab find: Poinsettias

Did you know that San Diego County is the Poinsettia Capital..

I did, because I lived there! My uncle knows several growers, so at Christmas, we had Poinsettia's all over the place, primarily Poinsettia trees. There were red, white, pink, variegated white and aunt and uncle actually plant them in their gorgeous yard after the holidays. After they have bloomed, the plant is quite lovely as well ;)

I am especially loving these stunning, and yet so simple, single flower bouquets that were featured in Domino, December/January 2007. They are fabulous in a table setting as shown above, or as small bouquets scattered throughout the house.

Be sure to cut the stems short enough so the bloom is visible from all angles and sear the milky cut ends to prolong their life in a vase.

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