Wednesday, December 22, 2010

wednesday's interior: Easy Elegance

I bought myself a couple of new decor books as my Holiday Bonus to myself...

the first one I opened was "Easy Elegance, creating a relaxed, comfortable and stylish home" by Atlanta Bartlett . I knew it was a great choice when I happily discovered that she is an Interior Stylist like myself!

The homes in this book are absolutely beautiful and the way she explains her approach to styling, the four main elements of Easy Elegance and the five interpretations of styles; Modern Elegance, Country Elegance, Retro Elegance, Feminine Elegance and Faded Elegance, is spot on. Of course these styles can intermingle with one another, but the foundation of all is undoubtedly elegance itself.

The living room above I would categorize as Retro/Country Elegance. The clean lines of the sofa and "tray table"{Retro} along with the rustic accents and floral pillows {Country}. The architectural details of this room are elegantly stunning and I can't envision a better window treatment than the simple roller shades.

I will share more from this great book in future posts, but if you get a chance to pick it up yourself...DO IT!

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