Friday, December 31, 2010

friday musings: last posting for 2010

I always get so excited at the prospect of another year ending and a new one beginning...

a time to make plans and goals for a happy and successful 2011. Organize and tidy up the home and work space to make room for future projects and clients.

While I love the thought of new and exciting things to come, my New Years Eve's are relatively simple. I prefer gathering with close friends as apposed to going out, however, this NYE will be spent at home with someone special. We will be dining on chili (hey, it's freakin cold outside) and a little bubbly. But NYE wouldn't be NYE without a special little outfit.

I will be wearing a fabulous little top from Julep, a great little boutique in Durango, CO. It is a perfect steely blue with a dolmen left sleeve, a sleeveless right arm with a detailing of tiny silver beads. I will post a pic on my fb page ;)

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve!


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