Friday, December 10, 2010

friday musings: holiday decor projects, hot & cold

As we approach another holiday weekend, I long for the day that I have a home big enough to throw parties throughout the holiday season...

to have unique and lovely decorations greeting my quests. When it comes to outdoor decorations, I prefer simple. A simple string of lights on the house and small, slowly twinkling lights on naked deciduous trees {not a fan of air filled lawn decor that looks like a bear went through someones trash and has strewn it about the yard during the day, sorry, need to focus}. Lights, preferably in a planned color scheme, and the warm glow of candlelight are all that's needed.

Santa Fe, N.M., is stunning during the holiday season. Sant Fe just glows with the luminarias, or fariolitos, scattered about the town. The luminarias are made simply by adding a little sand to a paper bag and then placing a candle inside. Ice luminarias are fabulous as well, naturally beautiful and functional.

Whether large or small, decorated with sprigs and berries or simply left plain; these ice luminarias are a lovely and welcoming sight to arriving guests.

How to make:

  • 2 sizes of containers per luminaria, plastic or metal
  • Place the smaller of the 2 containers inside the larger one. Weigh down the inside container with rocks, marbles, etc.
  • Poor water between the containers. If adding decor to the luminaria, do so before adding water
  • Freeze overnight
  • To unmold, add warm water to the inside container and remove; immerse outer container in sink or larger vessel with warm water.
  • Place candle in center, making sure wick is upright
  • Light with torch and voila!

Have a great weekend!


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