Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 color trends: coral rose

No, this is not a style board. Yes, I am working on a style board, but this day got away from me, again! While Honeysuckle has been chosen as The Color of the Year, by Pantone, Coral Rose is included in the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2011...
and Coral Rose is my 1st choice to use in my Spring Color Style Boards, because I love it and it is my blog. There are 10 colors total in the color forecast which Pantone has called, An Exotic Journey. The colors were inspired by exotic locales such as Turkey, Africa, Peru and India. I can't wait for the journey to begin!

I recently chose a color in the Coral Rose family for a client's (the parents) entry and dining room in their new home, as well as for another client's dining room. The photo doesn't do the color, Benjamin Moore Golden Harvest, justice.

Then there are these fabulous shoes from Anthro, love, love, love them!

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  1. I LOVE THIS! Pantone colors are all so fabulous and Coral Rose is a prime example! We love it so much that we made it our color of the week and put together a fabulous outfit on our blog to show how to dress wearing Pantone's Coral Rose using a complementary color palette. You can take a look at it here and tell us what you think! xoxo, WearToStandOut


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