Monday, January 10, 2011

fab find: seriously, it's a recliner

I remember Gramps' recliner, it was a straw yellow tweed like fabric. It was his "nap" and "night" chair and my kitten, Petunia, liked hiding in the back. It wasn't beautiful, but he loved it... but this KMA recliner from Q Collection is beautiful! The clean lined modern shape combined with a stylish nail head trim and linen fabric, wow.

If the man of the house wants a recliner, I don't think we can say no anymore.


  1. Lovely chair! I'm totally looking for one like this for my living room.
    - xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    It is lovley isn't it. I still can't believe it's a recliner!



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