Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tuesday's treasure: deborah t. lipner, veranda 2009 [I think?]

Veranda has some exceptionally lovely homes, while they are a bit more formal for my taste and style, this home designed by Deborah T. Lipner, has a few bits and pieces that intrigued to my inner Glam Bohemian...

1st of all, the color palette is quite relaxed and soothing. While the living room isn't overly formal, it is traditional. The addition of the rustic sideboard and jars lend a French country feel. The branches and jute rug bring in texture and a touch of nature.

And this screen is just gorgeously glam.

More glam with this mirrored buffet and stunning table lamps.

I am thrilled with the open-shelved industrial cabinet and ghost chairs that definitely allow for a more relaxed vibe.

Overall, a very lovely home. I would however need to add some art to the walls, some pattern on the pillows and a couple of clean lines to the living room furniture.

Any changes you would make?

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