Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tuesday's treasure: windsor smith, domino-august 2007

I have decided to make a lil change, "wednesday's interior" is now "tuesday's treasure. There was too much going on the first of the week to create a really good style board on Tuesday, so Wednesday is the new day. Which works out great for me for extra inspiration...like from the home of Windsor Smith. Her ability to make an elegant interior comfortable, not stuffy, is truly amazing. Perhaps it's her mix of textures and her blend of exotic that keeps things fresh, not traditional. In the above picture the boldness of the ottoman with the demurely glam chairs, and the comfy sofa are perfect together and those table lamps are to die for! While they are definitely more formal than I usually go for, they are exquisite in this room.
A lovely kitchen.

An even lovelier dining room.
The living room is such a fabulous mix; simple styling in the double-sided sofa, glam ottoman, Moroccan inlaid chairs, the mantel wall arrangement, the Chinese garden stools
(which I will never tire of)
and the ginormous mirror, love, love, love it!

What an awesome salon-style arrangement. This is such a great use of an often overlooked space.

Beautiful home Ms. Smith, just beautiful.


  1. I love the ottoman in the first photo. Such a great bit of flair for that space.
    - xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

  2. Hello Vanessa Elizabeth,

    I almost bought a "similar" (wasn't quite as fabulous) ottoman last year, I just didn't have the space for it.
    It is the perfect flair for that space, or any space for that matter, well, if there is room ;)



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