Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tuesday's treasure: an amazing guesthouse, domino february 2009

The Hollywood guesthouse of designer Mary McDonald is a nonstop smorgasbord for the eyes... if I were visiting her, she would have a doozy of a time getting rid of me! The den above was designed around the black floral pillow on the sofa. The striped wall is freaking fantastic! This room has such a mix of styles, but one element ties them all together, white.
Talk about a breakfast nook with a pop and a pow...as well as a zig and a zag. She calls it her Tom Jones rock 'n' roll breakfast nook, yep indeedy. It, and the rest of the house, is stunning!

Even though the guesthouse has graphic punches here and there, the element of glam runs through and through. Fabulously gorgeous, the paint, the furnishings, and most importantly, the details.

Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by walls draped in fabric? And a tented ceiling? Love it!
There are so many special features in this guesthouse; the use of moulding, fabric, paint, the figures on the wall in the Chinoiserie inspired bedroom above. I have the editorial in my hot little hands, so if you have any questions about something you see above, let me know.

Would love to know, which room do you treasure?


  1. the first room is breathtaking! I love every single piece there

  2. It is dreamy, and to think this is just a guest house!

    Tamara, Bella Boho


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