Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tuesday's treasure(s): interior sunshine

Mother Nature is teasing us here in Colorado; sunshiny warm one day then gloomy and chilly the next. Today is one of the gloomy chilly days which has me craving sunshine, and I found it in the following stylish interiors...this first room has touches of sunshine within a neutral palette. My favorite touch is the table. One side (obviously the bottom) of the glass top is spray painted yellow. This is one DIY tip I will most definitely utilize in the future.

Warm, cozy and glam.
This happy room above has a few great things; first off, the cut and framed map of Paris on the far left wall. Oh so appealing to the eye and the graphic feel is replicated in the striped fabric on the slipper chairs and sofa pillows. And lastly, the window treatment. It is hard to see in this photo, but there is a sheer curtain hanging from a wrought iron rod halfway up the window; allowing plenty of light in without impeding the view of the outdoors.

The following rooms are from a home in Florida where the rooms were all painted bright colors and everything else is white. The silk curtain used as wainscoting is pure brilliance. It was meant to expand and soften the room...

I love the fact that the silk sheers were brought into other rooms as well. And that "onion" light, fabulous!

My favorite tile in the world, Moroccan Zellige.

A simple addition of sunshine. Moulding doesn't (and shouldn't) always be white.

The Modern Country dining area below is perfection to me. I can just imagine that a feast served at this table is always delish and lively. The room exudes such warmth as well as a laid back feel that feeds not only the eyes and tummy, but the soul as well.

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