Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tuesday's treasure: mid century mod with a kick of glam, domino archive

I met a with a prospective new client today who's interior style is mid-century modern, so I did a quick skim through my "retro" folder for some inspiration...and I came across this gem of an apartment from Domino, April 2008; the home of Interior Designer Fawn Galli. Her approach to a project is pretty cool, she bases a style on dreams and favorite memories. So for her own home, she took her hippie childhood and combined it with her nights as a party girl. Deer=hippie childhood, silver geometric wallpaper=party girl; I totally get it!
I am so digging the panels of framed wallpaper in the living room, a great way to accentuate a space with high walls. Her mix of furniture styles is sublime. A chesterfield upholstered in a modern white leather is right at home with mod chairs and table. Aren't the ginormous table lamps amazing?!

The dining room is no less spectacular. The late 70's vinyl dining chairs are to die for! Aside from my love of the dining chairs, this room is so well balanced and oh so pleasing to the eye. The wing chairs read as modern due to their electric color. They are also upholstered on the back in a fun Asian pattern. The drapes also lend to the mod and glam of the room. How can you not love chartreuse? The room is also grounded, thanks to the sisal rug, not to mention an added texture.

A truly lovely treasure.


  1. Oh how I miss Domino! It was such a good magazine.


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